Below are descriptions of my writing venues. For my best clips, or clips from each publication, please visit the links.

The Brooklyn Ink: I covered events, people and breaking news in Brooklyn, New York. Work includes the controversy over the possible lifting of gay-ban within the Boy Scout Association, the proliferation of bike lanes in the borough, and a print and video package about worker cooperatives that developed out of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Link to my published Brooklyn Ink clips.

Journalism Schoolwork: I covered the geographic beat of the Greater Gowanus area and Red Hook in Brooklyn, New York for our class website, the Metropolitan Monitor. Some topics I covered were neighborhood building developments, veteran events, and the Presidential election.

Link to my journalism schoolwork.

Women Around Town: I was a contributing writer to this women’s online magazine, and I covered eccentric ideas topics such as women’s love for their pets, and plastic surgery culture in South Korea. One piece that was a shortened report of my undergraduate work on nail decoration hit over 200 shares.

Link to my published Woman Around Town clips.

Undergraduate Anthropology Thesis: “Painted”: Nail painting has built its colorful empire upon unshakably strong ground in women’s cosmetics in the last two centuries. As gloves began to move out of fashion and class in the 1800’s, the bare hand began to make its debut. Now in 2012, we find ourselves faced with more colors, shapes and sizes than has been seen before. Nail painting has become a performance.

Link to my anthropology thesis, Painted.