Here's what I do.


After earning my MS in Journalism from Columbia, I'm able to use my use my research, writing, editing, video, website and social media skills to tell compelling, honest and powerful stories. In a rapidly changing journalism world, news sites and blogs are melding, blurring the lines between journalism and marketing. I believe by using true information, news sites and companies can build engaged audiences who value content and products.


Trained on Canons, I now shoot on a Mark III. I've shot in a variety of settings, and my professional portfolio includes portrait, landscape, and action shots. I've shot for NY-based startup, Mesh Better, as well as AgFunderNews, among others. See my Flickr to take a look at some of my shots.


Building a strong brand is as important as building a strong product. I have worked with several teams to build brands from the ground up, and successfully landed features of various products in NYMag, Cosmo, MTV's Fuse, Buzzfeed, Reuters, TechCrunch and more.


Trained by New York Times and former 60-Minutes professional videographers, I have developed a keen eye for what makes strong shots, story lines and film. I've shot for a variety of marketing campaigns, as well as company profiles. Here's one about Hampton Creek Foods, a SF-based and Bill Gates-backed startup making eggs from plants.


I've worked with several boot-strapping startups and projects, learning that it takes strong collaboration skills, resourcefulness and dedication to work well with a small team with big visions. Working with AgFunder, a New York-based equity crowdfunding platform startup, I learned how to wear many hats at once, and the experience confirmed that I'm cut out for startup culture. Working passionately on something not done before is an inspiration.


Serving as an online editor both in a professional and academic setting, I've developed a critical eye. With a journalistic eye and scalpel, I look for contextual, informational and qualitative "holes" in writing. As E.B. White said, "The best writing is rewriting."


I've built a variety of websites using Wordpress and basic HTML and CSS coding. Some sites I've built are:

  • (Offline per the request of Britney Spears' team.)


After working with several literacy and health-focused non-profits, I've learned that working within a large corporate network like a large non-profit has both its red-tape challenges, but also provides plenty of resource opportunity. Some examples of my work: In Riobamba, Ecuador, I worked with children who had fallen victim to criminals of the human-organ black market. In Seoul, South Korea, I worked with business executives, teaching conversational English skills. In New York and Miami, I have worked with several literacy non-profits.