Dunham’s Gross Guys in “Girls”

Lena Dunham’s HBO hit series Girls now has to navigate its way around actor Christopher Abbott’s resignation from the show. Reports like this one say that he butted heads with Dunham. Abbott’s rep said now that his acting career is taking off, Abbott is ready for bigger and better roles than ‘Charlie’ in one of HBO’s highest rated series.

But, I don’t blame him. I don’t think I’d like Dunham much, either. (And no, Dunham, it’s not because I don’t want to have sex with you.)

Now that Dunham doesn’t have a character for Marnie to walk all over, where will she take the show? Is it possible that she will create an even more pathetic character for Allison Williams’s character to first abuse, and then use once the boy creates a cool new app?

Maybe. But no matter who Dunham brings on to fill the void, we can be pretty sure she’s probably not going to create any respectable male figure. As my friend, Tony Maglio, pointed out to me yesterday, the guys in Girls anything but admirable.

In the show’s first two seasons, one of the main characters is Adam, a pathetically inarticulate alcoholic, a sex fiend and assaulter, and a bad tempered impulsive person. Dunham is so set on making Adam an incapacitated lump of matter that she physically immobilizes him by having the character get hit by a car after he is so affected by none other than the oh-so-influential Hannah. Sounds lovely, right? Check this out, when Adam begs Hannah to stay:

Then there’s Ray, the unreliable leach who needs an insecure girl like Zosia Mamet’s character, Shoshanna, to make him feel somewhat decent about himself. Even when they’re living together and throwing the L-bomb, it’s tough for him to feel good about himself. Take a look:

Viewing characters like this, the only conclusion I can draw is that poor Dunham hasn’t ever met a decent guy. If she has, why wouldn’t she include them in the show? In the myriad of interviews she’s done, Dunham has maintained that she wants her show to portray what “really” happens; Girls is supposedly what “real life” is like. And of course, as we’ve all heard, her character has titled herself “the voice of our generation.” If Dunham’s show is being real, where are the real guys?

Now that the only some-what respectable character, Charlie, has left the program, Dunham could take this opportunity in Season 3 to provide some guy perspective. But, I don’t think that Dunham has enough respect for her characters (or, possibly herself) to bring in a decent guy to balance it out.

Harsh, I know. But if there’s one thing Dunham and I can agree on, I imagine it would be that reality isn’t always the prettiest.

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